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Criminal Defense

When you receive notification that you are being accused of a crime, your first call should be to a Lansing criminal defense attorney. Time is critical in criminal defense cases, and only a criminal defense attorney has the skills and knowledge you need to build a strong defense.

DUI & Traffic

Toby White Law is passionate about helping clients protect their rights. In traffic violations or DUI cases, your right to drive is on the line. Partnering with a Lansing DUI attorney or traffic attorney will help you protect that right, and Attorney Toby White is ready to work for you. His aggressive representation and complete knowledge of Michigan traffic laws will ensure that you create a solid defense to your accusations, bringing the best possible outcome to your case.

Drug Crimes

If you need a criminal defense attorney to defend you against a drug crimes charge in the greater Lansing, MI area, you need the legal expertise at Toby White Law. Our attorney has battled to protect our clients’ rights for nearly two decades, handling nearly any criminal law matter from possession of paraphernalia to intent to sell. We know how Eaton County law enforcement can aggressively pursue a drug crimes conviction. We will be as tough and determined, using our years of experience to get you the best possible result given your circumstances.

Family Law

For most people, family law cases are some of the most intensely emotional legal needs they will fact. Fighting for custody or support for your children or working through the details of divorce bring strong emotions that can make it difficult to think clearly about your options and your future. Partnering with a Lansing family attorney who understands these emotions and cares about his clients can help make the process ahead a bit easier to manage.

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